Missions We Support

At Berlin Christian Church, we believe in showing the love of Christ to our community, our region, and the entire world. We try to set the example by supporting the missions listed below.

Loami Area Food Pantry

Hunger doesn’t discriminate. It affects families, seniors, and children right here in our neighborhood. Imagine going to bed with an empty stomach or skipping meals to make ends meet. It’s a reality for too many.

The Loami Area Food Pantry, we’re on a mission to change that. We believe that no one should go to bed hungry. Our pantry provides essential groceries and nutritious meals to those in need. But we can’t do it alone.

Lewis Memorial Christian Village

Since our establishment in 1962, we have been driven by the vision of ensuring dignified aging for our loved ones. Collaborating with local churches, our founders acquired property in Lincoln, IL, where, in 1965, they established a skilled nursing community—the first of its kind within a 50-mile radius. One of our earliest board members attributed the community’s success to principles such as prayer, faith, dedication, hard work, unity, vision, and continual prayer—values that have remained integral throughout our history. Today, we are pleased to have expanded our outreach through faith-centered service across the Midwest, catering to older adults of all faiths and denominations with innovative and intuitive offerings.

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Lake Springfield Christian Assembly

Open SINCE 1939, LSCA's has been seeing people of all ages make life changing decisions to be more like Jesus.

The purpose of LSCA is to conduct camps, conferences and rallies so people not yet Christian may be won to Christ and His Church as it is set forth in the New Testament, and that Christian people of all ages may be built up in the Christian faith and life.

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Inner City Mission

After seeing the alarming rise of homelessness in Springfield, Illinois, seven local churches came together on July 14, 1983, to form a ministry dedicated to serving homeless individuals and families in their community. After purchasing a small property on the north side of downtown Springfield, Inner City Mission was officially born, housing its first homeless residents on August 26, 1984.

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Lincoln Christian University

Located in Lincoln, Illinois, LCU was founded in 1944 as a Bible institute -- and we haven't left that identity behind. In fact, we’ve embraced our past while also engaging our future. Today, LCU strives to meet the needs of students by designing a Christ-centered curriculum that not only prepares them for their chosen profession but also gives them the knowledge and desire to live out their faith in this fallen world.

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Ozark Christian College

Ozark Christian College has its roots in the Stone-Campbell heritage (Independent Christian Churches and Churches of Christ) that began in the United States in the early 19th century. This heritage seeks the unity of all Christians based on the authority of the Bible for the evangelization of the world. OCC recognizes that creeds and confessions of faith have at times been more divisive than unifying, but in light of its commitment to Scripture, OCC believes that agreement on certain matters of the faith is essential to carry out its mission.

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Mathetes Youth Ministry

We offer a variety of classes to minister to the youth and young professionals in the local area. We currently have bible studies, guitar lessons, music theory lessons, basic english tutorial and computer courses for you to enroll in. It is free to enroll and open to all high school youth, college students, and young professionals. Come in and talk to one of the staff for more information.

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Pioneer Bible Translators

The goal of Pioneer Bible Translators isn’t just translation, but transformation. We bring people to Jesus through Bible translation and church planting, combined with discipleship, incarnational ministry, and the use of translated Scripture.

Because we specialize in both Bible translation and church planting, Pioneer Bible Translators is uniquely positioned to reach language groups who still have no church and no Scripture.

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Asia Pacific International

In the heart of South East Asia, where vibrant cultures and diverse languages intersect, a powerful movement is underway. Our mission seeks to bring hope, healing, and transformation to this beautiful nation. We are committed to sharing the love of Christ with every corner of South East Asia. Our missionaries work tirelessly to reach people.